Why choose Kim Walks Dogs? Read on to see why these people and their pets keep coming back for more!

To say Kim is phenomenal is an understatement. This is our first experience with a dog walking service and I was hesitant to let a "stranger" take care of my dog, Riley, and have access to my home. But during our meet & greet interview with Kim, I instantly knew she was the one for us. It was clear that Kim loves animals (as they love her) and she embraces each one as if they were her own. I have 100% peace of mind about her care and attention to Riley during their time together. Kim also has a refreshing mix of professionalism and humor that adds a personal touch to her service. I love reading her daily notes about their walks, and seeing the frequent pictures of Riley via text and facebook. I can see a difference in Riley's demeanor after starting the walks with Kim, she is so much happier now! You can't put a price on trust, and I feel lucky to have found Kim whom I trust like family with Riley.

-Rebecca (Riley's Mom)

Finding Kim has been wonderful and has made a huge difference in my life and my dog’s life.  I have an almost 4 year old Pit Bull Mix named Frankie and had never had a dog walker before Kim.  I was a bit hesitant about hiring someone because I wasn’t sure about trusting someone else with my dog and coming into my home, etc.  Frankie is my child and I’m extremely protective of him.  I am also very cautious and selective with whom I trust to care for him.  I have none of those concerns with Kim.  She is incredibly reliable and accommodating and most important- she loves Frankie and he LOVES Kim.  It gives me great peace of mind when I’m not home or at work that Kim is coming to take Frankie out for a nice walk & play time.  Kim is incredibly professional and I respect the way she runs her business and the importance and emphasis she puts on the dogs.  I recently recommended her to good friends of mine that just adopted their first dog.  Her patience, kindness and love that she shows the dog is priceless.  I had no idea how much having a dog walker would help me and my dog.  My only regret is not having found Kim sooner!
-Holly (Frankie's Mom)

A couple weeks before my boyfriend and I brought home our 8-week old Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy (who we named Na Pali), we realized that we needed to find a dog walker who could come twice a day...and in relatively short order. I couldn't remember where we got Kim's card, but we knew we preferred an individual--rather than a service--so we decided to ask her about her services and availability. Kim was incredibly responsive and immediately made herself available for twice a day walks at pretty specific times. We liked her so much from out initial emails that we didn't even bother looking around at other dog walkers.

A couple days before Kim started walking Na Pali, she came over for a meet and greet. I was already a pretty obsessive dog-parent, so I gave Kim a 45-minute spiel about our goals with training, Na Pali's favorite toys, problems we were already having, etc., all of which she patiently listened to. The entire time, she was playing with Na Pali, petting her and getting to know her. It was immediately clear that Kim truly loves dogs, and I felt totally comfortable putting our puppy--and our home--in her hands twice a day, 5 days a week.

Having Kim take care of Na Pali has totally exceeded any expectations I had about having a dog walker. Her love for dogs was immediately obvious, but what I didn't expect was how thoughtful she is regarding dog-parents. Every single day, we come home to an adorable note written by "Na Pali" talking about her day and indicating how many times she pottied, what times, what her mood was like, etc. They are so cute that we've saved every one. Kim sends text updates and awesome pictures every time she comes by so we know exactly what's going on every day. She has been incredibly flexible with her schedule despite us constantly changing things on her. I honestly cannot say enough good things about our experience with Kim taking care of Na Pali, and I highly recommend her to anyone.
-Megan (Na Pali's Mom)

Shortly after we adopted our 2.5 year old chocolate cocker spaniel, Mousse, we realized we needed a dog walker to help on days when one of us can’t be home.  Kim was referred to us by a friend who absolutely raved about her.  She came over to meet Mousse and they instantly bonded and it was apparent that Kim has a warm and caring demeanor and loves dogs!  She takes her passion for pets and gives the best care and service to our four legged “fur baby”.   Kim is extremely responsive to emails and texts and is very reliable!  Having a dog walker should be “peace of mind” to know your pet is in great hands and that’s what we have with Kim.  The best part is coming home to a note letting us know how the walk went and often receiving a photo from their walk – it’s heartwarming!   We would recommend Kim to anyone! 
-Amy and Tim (parents to Mousse)

Kim is great. She is professional and reliable. But, as important, she loves our little puppy like her own. Everyday, we get home from work and our puppy has left us a little note, telling us how her day was and how much fun she had playing with her best friend Kim. We are so lucky we found Kim to take care of our dog. We highly recommend her for your dog walker.
-Kevin (Na Pali's Dad)

I met Kim the day after my girlfriend and I adopted our lab mix puppy, Wilson.  With being a first time dog owner, I’m not sure we were completely prepared for all the work that goes into the day to day routine of owning a 7 week old puppy.  Meeting Kim was the best thing that could have happened to us.  From the time of the meet and greet, I could tell that Kim cared for Wilson as I did and treated him as if he was one of her own.  I remember watching Wilson that day jump all over Kim, eager to get a mouthful of hair, fearful that she would run right out the door.  Instead, Kim took it all in stride laughing and even worked to help train him.  Although I would like to think Wilson is slightly better behaved, not much has changed since that first day; it even seems at times that Wilson is more excited to see Kim than anyone else!  My girlfriend and I have the upmost faith in Kim and the peace of mind knowing that our puppy is in great hands is invaluable.  I would instantly recommend Kim to anyone without thinking twice about it.   
-Eric and Nikki (Wilson's Dad and Mom)     

 I can’t say enough good things about Kim from Kim walks dogs!  Kim has been walking my dog Boomer for about three months now and it has been a great relief for me knowing how much he loves her.  I called Kim one night and she came over the very next evening to meet Boomer and pick up keys. I felt like I could trust her almost instantly and she was so sweet to Boomer.  It took me 3 years to finally decide to get a dog walker.  Boomer is what I call “special needs”, he is scared of almost everything.  I was super worried about the experience being terrifying for my dog. But Kim totally put me at ease, Boomer loves her!  Kim is so kind and patient with him. She has a reasonable rate and is always on time.  I also love the messages she leave about their walks. 
-Sarah (Boomer's mom)

Kim's service is beyond what I imagined. Her communication and personalized service is ideal for any pet owner who loves their dog. I'm confident that my dog is cared for and enjoys his time with her. She truly loves dogs!
-Jerome (Newman's Dad)

We <3 Kim! We rescued our 1 year old weimarenar/pitbull mix, Charlie last year. We met Kim while she was cruising around our neighborhood in her cute Mini Cooper. She sweetly came up to Charlie and introduced herself to us. A few weeks later we decided to reach out and it was one of the best doggy-decisions we've made! She's super flexible which is key since my fiance and I are both in the restaurant business and have very sporadic schedules. She's prompt, efficient and you can tell she's a natural dog lover. We're (especially Charlie) very luck to have found her!
-Jill and Joe (Charlie's Mom and Dad)

I never write Yelp reviews -- this is the first --but there's no better business to start with than Kim Walks Dogs. After spending several weeks looking for a trustworthy dog walker, we stumbled across Kim's Yelp page. Two 5-star reviews? I'll admit I was a little skeptical. And then we met Kim. She was willing to work with us on a tight schedule, going out of her way on a Saturday to help us out. And unlike other businesses, which got back to us when it was convenient for them, Kim was great about returning emails and texts within minutes, not hours, sending us updates throughout her visit. She even has a "Puparazzi" page on her website with pictures of her "clients." If that doesn't tell you how fabulous she is, I'm not sure what else I can say that will. So stop paging through those sketchy Craigslist ads and give Kim a call. You (and your four-legged friend) will be happy you did!
-Abe (Max's Dad)

Kim helped me out at the last minute when I needed a dog walker for a week. She was wonderful. Completely professional, flexible, and easy to work with. My dog ADORES her. I have a high anxiety boxer who can be a bit squirrely when first meeting people, but the instant she met Kim, she crawled into her lap and just wanted to cuddle. You can tell that Kim is a dog lover because dogs respond immediately to her and love her. Additionally, Kim didn't just take my dog out to go to the bathroom, she gave my dog a good workout-type walk, which I highly appreciated. I'd highly recommend Kim Walks Dogs to anyone. She's great with the dogs and completely trustworthy.
-Melissa (Layla's Mom)

Kim is the absolute best and I feel like we should count our lucky stars that we found her. She is extremely personable and you can completely trust her to be in your home. She has a true love and passion for dogs and treats our Boston Terrier just as we would. Kim sends text updates throughout the walk, as well as lots of cute pictures. She also leaves notes (that I get unreasonably excited to come home to) with their progress throughout the visit. She is really great at being flexible, as we live in the Gold Coast & Old Town outside of her normal zone, and also don't need her regularly because of our schedule. Overall, I highly recommend Kim.  You should contact her before her schedule fills up with too many clients.
-Sarah (Travi's Mom)

You cannot put put a price tag on communication, professionalism and love when it comes to taking care of your pets - - and Kim possesses all three. This was the first time searching for a dog walker in the Chicago area, and proof that the top google results aren't necessarily the best.  Kim had responded to my initial email in a matter of minutes and we set up a time for her to meet our shih tzu, Max.  He instantly fell in love with her, and we knew she was the one!  Kim is very friendly and attentive, and clearly has a love for animals.  As well, we are out of Kim's normal area for dog walking, but she was more than willing to help out.  She's great with communication, responding to emails and texts quickly, as well as sending pix messages while on her visit.  If you're on the fence with who to take care of your pet, just set up a meet-n-greet with Kim, as you'll instantly know she's the one!
- Kim loves animals, and treats yours like her own
- Great communication is clearly important to her
- Her prices are on-par, if not better than most
- You KNOW who's taking care of your pet
- Didn't find her sooner
-Derek (Max's Dad)

Now, to be honest, I really don't have any frame of reference as I am a first time dog walker user. But I don't think it matters in any capacity because I couldn't imagine anything better than Kim. Cruising in her mini cooper, Kim is a popular gal in my neighborhood, and especially my building. We have 4 dogs collectively amongst us...and she walks them all. They are all best friends now. Kim never misses a day. Shows up on time. Is a heck of a photographer. Reasonably priced. Incredibly communicative. And is incredibly nice to boot. Oh, and incredibly smiley. She even came across town to let me in when I was locked out. Boom. Use her.
-Adam (Rosie's Dad)

Kim is so much more than a walker for my two dogs, Digger and Beyonce.  I knew right away that Kim was special (and that I had just gotten incredibly lucky to find her) when she came to my condo for a meet and greet.  My 7-year old dog Digger is a Rottweiler/Doberman rescue who was abused and abandoned as a puppy.  While he's the sweetest, gentlest animal I've ever been around, he's struggled with separation anxiety his entire life and gets very nervous around people he doesn't know and trust.  But Digger instantly took to Kim.  He sat right next to her (he NEVER does this) and followed her all around my condo while she visited.  You only need to spend a few minutes with Kim to recognize that she has a unique ability to connect with animals.  Watching Digger's interactions with Kim was all I needed to see to know that she is a genuinely kind, intuitive person who "got him" and would take incredible care of him.  I've been home a few times on days Kim comes to walk them, and seen it first hand.  Digger's and Beyonce's ears perk up when they hear the building door open like they've been waiting for her all day, and they stand at the front door, tails furiously wagging, as she comes up the steps.  When Kim opens the door they virtually tackle her with excitement.  Like I said, Kim is more than my dogs' walker, she's a part of the family and one of their very best friends.

In addition to being the "dog whisperer" :), Kim is smart, dependable, and exceedingly professional in the services she provides.  Her communication skills are beyond extraordinary.  Kim regularly provides real-time updates and information about your dog's walk by text during or after a walk, posting (incredible) pictures on social media so you can see first hand what a great time they're having together, and writing fun and creative notes (from the perspective of your dog) about their experience on each walk.  She is always available to discuss your dog's health and well-being, and I frequently turn to Kim for pet care advice and recommendations.  She truly cares for her client's pets as if they're her own, and I trust her implicitly.

To say that I would recommend Kim to anyone is an understatement.  Frankly, I don't know what I'd do without her.  If you're considering working with Kim and have any questions at all from a client's perspective, please don't hesitate to send me a message.  I'm glad to provide more information about the outstanding services Kim provides. 
-Patrick (Beyonce and Digger's Dad)